A way to save draft

Hi. I’m just thinking there should be a way where we can save draft instead of just keeping what we written. Like right now, if you want to keep what you wrote, you have to leave the way it is instead of saving it for later so there should be a better way of doing this.

You can write a message yourself.

Or you can write a notes document,

No, but what if I don’t have time to finish my message? I remember there is a place where drafts are kept if I am not wrong but I am not so sure about it.

Hey Ken,

this feature is currently in place. Simply begin to create a topic, then minimize it. After this step, a blue line will appear at the bottom of the screen saying ‘draft in progress, touch to resume’. To take this a step further, if you hit the x icon on this bar, close out your tab, or leave the forum and come back later, a button saying ‘resume draft’ will appear where the button saying ‘create post’ usually is. By clicking this, you can pick up where you left off.

In addition this, I recommend messaging yourself the topic if it is super important just to be sure it doesn’t get lost as mentioned above.

I hope I helped! If you have any other questions, please let me know.


But what about replies?

This feature doesn’t work quite the same for replies. Replies are generally shorter and more concise, and written in one sitting. By name, they are just a comment or discussion in addition to the main post.

I’ve found that sometimes when leaving a reply before sending it and coming back to it later it saves to the bottom of the screen in the form of a blue line, but that is not always the case.

So again, if you really do need to save a something, you can message it to yourself as mentioned above.

Actually, I think I overlooked a much better solution.

In addition to these automatic drafts accessible from your home page, you can visit your profile, then go to activity, then to drafts. From here you can pick up from wherever you left off on multiple drafts that save and are archived automatically.

I appreciate that. Thanks. TBH, I already know how: I tap on the down arrow and then go to another topic and reply there, once replied to that topic, then go back to the original topic where I left off and what I wrote saves automatically

That’s a feature, yes. I explained that above, but now you know how to go to the drafts page for all-in-one access as well. :slight_smile:

How do you do that then?

I explained it above:

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Of course, thank you :slight_smile: