A350 Added to the App

As we all know, the A350 is on final (get it ahahahahahahhahahahahhah) for the app stores. So what I am suggesting is early implementation of it into the app so when it comes out we do not need to wait for it.

I think the dev needs the aircraft ID so it can’t be added until released. Do you have any confirmation of it being on final because it’s still in development.!

Hey Starz,

As amazing as it would be adding the A350 early, it would be illogical as the release date is not confirmed and it can still be months in the making, this would just create unnecessary hype for something far away…

Please create another request once the A350 gets added.



That is fake news as it’s still in beta.

It is on final.

Final means they are doing all the tests. If I said short final, that would be final debuggings. I know what I’m talking about :slight_smile:


Yes but anything can delay a release. A350 will not be released until next year or later.

Do you work for dev studios or something?

It’s too early and I don’t think they have ever added any aircraft until release day.

When the A350 gets added, you may recreate this topic.