A350: Opinions so far?

As we all know, the A350 is on Final Approach to getting added to Infinite Flight.

Me and the TL3 team will be frequently updating this with updates about it.

So, what is your opinion on the A350 coming to IF?

Track updates here:

coming in 24 hours


It’s a good thing to see the A350 is coming to Infinite Flight and I love that delta livery they released. I will be using this aircraft on many long haul.

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When is it coming out .

This IS NOT the place to ask release date, devs don’t know either.!!

Hey @jeromy,

Like @Jailah mentioned, This is not the best place to ask about updates regarding infinite flight. This is after all the Infinite Passengers community not the IFC, so we are unable to answer about any developments going on over at infinite Flight.


But we discuss infinite flight here.

This topic is indeed discussing the A350 in infinite flight, however any question about the development of it can’t be answered here as this is the infinite passengers forum.


Yes understood thanks

you didn’t update it.

@Starz_Flyz are you going to update?

Please have some patience! I have already messaged you about this…

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I believe beta testing of it now started.

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Ok sorry guys I tried posting an update but it didn’t work.

Current Status of A350: Beta Testing. Approximately coming out in Q1 2020

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Nice, I’m happy with that

Coming December 2019 ;).


I saw the live stream… Guess what? Live :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: just practice on A350 and I’ll be OK. Imagine EGLL and KLAX on the training server.

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I really can’t wait to fly it! :heart_eyes:

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Me too! I’m excited but not that much interested tbh

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Great to hear that the A350 is coming this year and hopefully next week :scream:
I wonder what other liveries are coming.

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I think confirmed so far are

  • Infinite Flight
  • Singapore
  • Finnair
  • Carbon
  • Emirates
  • United
  • Air France
  • French Bee
  • Cathay Pacific
  • JAL
  • Delta

Not sure what else but tons more are coming.