A380 Termination Imminent

Hey Guys,

Breaking news in albeit not too surprising:

Airbus is set to axe the A380 program tomorrow during its annual sales review on Valentines Day.

As Emirates plan A330/A350 orders after struggling to agree with Rolls Royce on an engine specification and not having the demand any more, Airbus is pushing for a final order from British Airways, who were previously looking for a second hand A380 purchase after having great success with their SuperJumbo’s so far, before cancelling the aircraft and trust me that will be a sad day.

It is also announced that Qatar will scrap their A380’s from 2024 with no interest in a sale on the second hand market.

I am sorry to inform you if you didn’t know it’s sadly the end of the jumbo as we move into Economic Ultra Long Haul Travel in smaller more cost effective aircraft then eventually electric aircraft or whatever else the future holds. Meanwhile with the 747-8, the Intercontinental (Passenger) variant is seriously lacking orders while the freighter is slowly trundling along only thanks to the ideal shape of the 747 for cargo operations and the demand due to no competition although eventually the aircraft will close production unless it can become a lot more cost effective.

I’ll keep you updated and look forward to reading your comments.


And it’s official. Orders remain for ANA and Emirates and the last delivery will be 2021.

RIP A380