Ability to approve Pilots flights

Recently, I started an IF Pax VA and realized that I want to be able to see my other pilots flights and be able to approve of them. So how would this work, a pilot flies a route for the VA like normal but at then end, it would say “needs approval” and then an admin of the VA goes in and approves or denies it. Once this action is taken, it would show up in the airlines logbook of completed flights.

Good idea! Would be great to see this implanted in the future, you have my vote.


How can I not miss that? Damn :man_facepalming::man_facepalming: TBH, It’s one of my weakness when it comes to requesting a feature within IFPAX(not including boarding music)

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Lol. I just thought of it last night. I have a few other ideas in the works

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Let me hear your ideas in DM :slight_smile:

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is isn’t already a feature in app?