Ability to transfer airline ownership

I think adding the ability to allow the airline owner to transfer airline ownership to someone else would be a good addition to the app.

It could come in handy if someone else wants to take over that airline if the CEO doesn’t want to continue it. It means the airline won’t need to be deleted as someone else will take over.

Transfer of owner can also be used if the CEO does not have time to run the airline or is away for a period of time.

This certainly would be a useful feature but in reality, how many times have you needed to transfer an airline? I can’t think of this happening particularly often.


You have my vote as it will be useful if someone wants to take over or if CEO swtich.

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Good request. Although, I don’t know how often this would be used or if any times.

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Agree. I don’t think it would happen often so I don’t think this is high priority.

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I don’t see this as very needed.

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Thanks all for the views. I get you and see it would be a lesser used feature.

I would love to have this added don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think this is as high up on the list as something like a UI rework.

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This topic can be closed as I would like to retract this request. Doesn’t seem like it would happen often either to be honest with you.

On request.

For future reference, simply flag it for closure instead of bumping a 9 month old topic. :slight_smile: