Ability To Use Your Own Songs For Boarding Music


Hello, Infinite Flight Passengers Community,

Today, I present to you guys a request that would make the addon much better. It is the ability to choose your own songs to use for the boarding music.

Some airlines, like Alaska Airlines, play casual music during boarding and deplaning, and this should be something added to IF PAX to enhance realism when flying on airlines like Alaska Airlines.

It’s simple, all you have to do is add a switch controlling whether you want to use the default boarding music of IF PAX or use your own music before you start a flight and connect to IF. If you want to use your own music, it will take you to what playlist you want to play it from and once you select your playlist, your song selection(s) will be played during boarding and deplaning.

Use own playlist for boarding music
Use own playlist for boarding music

Sounds like an amazing idea and great addition to the app. Would be pretty cool, as well for airline mode!

You’ve got my vote for sure!


Sounds a great idea, we could actually listen to our favorite muisc.


That’s a great idea …Creativity at it’s best


I always want that idea but unfortunately I ran out of votes.


You’ve earned my vote!

Votes are for things you most want. You may find at times you need to remove votes and vote for more prefered things.


I think it would be a great idea for everyone to use their own music from their library as boarding music.


I think this seems like a fairly reasonable idea, but most people probably don’t have boarding music and I’m not sure Thomas’ collection of Miley Cyrus would make particularly good boarding music.


To all those who voted, thank you

Let’s hope this gets implemented! :smiley:


Excellent request BigBert. Voted for this.


And the 10th vote comes from me!! Great idea my friend!!


Great idea but may be difficult to add


I’m fairly sure it’s quite easy to add actually, not sure about Android but on iOS there’s a bunch of apps that you can use your own music library in.


Nice idea. Wouldn’t it help defeat the purpose of the app though? As they want to provide realistic sound packs and not some iTunes playlist.


I agree. I got the app for realistic sound packs and not some iTunes music.


That’s actually a good point that I didn’t think of. One way I can see this being used though is say there’s a sound pack that you want that hasn’t been added yet, you can add it to your iTunes and then play it that way.


What if the realistic sound packs are the casual songs that would be found in an ordinary playlist?

I’m not saying that this be for all airlines, just for a switch to turn on if you want to use your own music.

For example, whenever I fly Alaska Airlines, the boarding music is any song that would be found on an iTunes playlist, but IFPAX plays a sound pack talking about the companion pass as a boarding music. That is not realistic.


Boarding music can be updated.


But boarding music is any casual song that is not inappropriate on Alaska Airlines


Oh I see now. My bad on that one.