Ability To Use Your Own Songs For Boarding Music


Lol that made me laugh. But as said it could be helpful for airlines like Alaska who play any casual music during boarding.


Make this only for certain airlines, like:

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You’ve got my vote. But as @DGGR said, it shouldn’t be on all airlines.

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Haha lol! Glad I made someone laugh.

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Fairly good request and would be nice to see this at some point , voted

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you have a point, but this is also preferential, why not just have a settings to enable or disable music.


That’s basically what this setting would be, you can still use airline boarding music or iTunes music. I still don’t think it should be added though as one of the main reasons people like Infinite Passengers is that it adds more realism and this would just be taking away from it.


Actually, not being able to use your own songs for boarding music takes away the realism from the app.

Remember, not all airlines are the same.

This means that some airlines would play their boarding music, which could also be used in IFPAX and improve realism, but some like Alaska Airlines play casual music during boarding and deplaning. If we have IFPAX playing the companion pass boarding music, that is not realistic as it is an ad, not a boarding music.

How IFPAX is not ALL realistic without this feature.

I fly mostly US airlines in IF and irl. Most of the legacy carriers like American Airlines do not even offer boarding music. Yet, it has to be used in IFPAX which is not realistic at all I should make a feature request to disable ALL boarding music whether you are taxiing for takeoff or taxiing to parking, but that’s besides the point.

Also, with Delta Airlines, the boarding music is Hawaiian-styled, but if you are not always flying to Hawaii with Delta, this is unrealistic.

Southwest Airlines. I have no idea where the IFPAX music even came from, but I was on a Southwest flight (N8711Q, WN1368, KSJC-KSAN) and during boarding, they played causal music. During deplaning, they also played casual music. Wherever that IFPAX music came from, I don’t know but I have never seen it used in a Southwest flight before. That is unrealistic.

Isn’t that the point of the app?

And for all you saying “Isn’t that the point of the app,” the answer is no. I bought the app and a subscription to be able to get feedback in the end and play safety demonstrations in the beginning, not to hear unrealistic boarding music. Like who plays a companion pass ad boarding music? That’s IFPAX for Alaska Airlines. Is that even realistic? No. Alaska Airlines plays casual music during boarding and deplaning. Shouldn’t that be the same for IFPAX if you want to be realistic?


Yeah, thats why if you wish to be more “realistic”, then turn it off… but for people who wants to listen to music while cruising, then let them. =) just a matter giving options to people.


This feature is having your own music as boarding music… If you want to listen to music while cruising you can just open spotify in the background or something.


You know how the IF devs say “Use as little background apps as possible during your flight in order to ensure quality?” That could apply in this case.

Also, you want to leave the IF app as little as possible during your flight in order to prevent a disconnection. You expect us to be able to land at an event like a FNF, leave IF, open Spotify/Apple Music/etc, wait for the respective music app to start up, go to your playlist, play the songs, be able to go back into IF, and be able to listen to ATC and expedite traffic all at once?

Also, whether you want it or not, IFPAX will always play boarding music after the landing announcement. Why would an airline play 2 different songs at the same time?


Just open up Spotify before your flight, and then when you want music go into control center and start playing it. Not sure about android.


What about these issues, @pidge?


Spotify really isn’t an intensive background app - the effect on your performance would be absolutely minimal. You can also just pause the music for the boarding music after the landing announcement, it’s not difficult. Just swipe up and hit pause when you’re on final.


Why can’t it be automatic? Why do you have to add extra steps just to try and make your flight realistic when you can have IFPAX do it for you?

And also, you still haven’t answered this question.


In the #features category, you can create a feature request to stop the boarding music if you don’t want it, that would open up space for this feature and won’t require doing it manually as much.


This is pretty much why I made this feature request. So the app can play your songs automatically after the landing announcement

Rather than a weird boarding music that the airline irl doesn’t even use


I really like this idea but i would want to tie it back to the airline. So that if you have other pilots flying on your airline they can you hear whatever crazy (or professional) sounds you’ve come up with? What do you think?

Additional sounds for flights with cabin interior and working doors

The thing is, not all airlines play boarding music relating to their airlines (if any in the US at all)

Southwest doesn’t play boarding music, so to be realistic, I turned it off, but there is no where to turn it off after landing.

Alaska’s boarding music is any casual song you find. I hear them play “Shake It Off,” “Wild One,” etc. Not a song promoting their credit card.

Delta and American, like Southwest, don’t even have boarding music, yet Delta’s boarding music in IFPAX is a song that sounds very tropic or Hawaiian. American Airlines in IFPAX has music sounds like a Minecraft world.


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Hopefully this gets added in the near future