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Use this category to request any features you’d like to see in Infinite Passengers.

When making a feature request, please include:

• A description of the feature
• How the feature would work
• Any images to supplement your request
• Some detail on the feature

All feature requests in this category will be considered depending on if they can be implemented.

Please search before posting to ensure it is not a duplicate request.

You can also use this category to request any specific boarding music/safety announcements.

  • When making a feature request, especially for boarding music, we ask that you please provide links to the boarding music and safety announcements.

We have installed the Discourse voting feature, meaning you can show support by voting for your favourite features. A limited number of votes per person are given and returned when topic is closed. Use these votes wisely and vote for things you really want. You may find at times you’ll have to remove votes and use them on more favourable things. Be sure to vote for your own request to show support.

Before submitting your feature request please check its not already on the list below:


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I hope IFP can add Xiamen Airlines sound pack
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airBaltic and GetJet sounds
Favorite Safety Announcement within Infinite Passengers
airBaltic sounds
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