Ad Campaign in IFPAX

Hey everyone, I was looking around at my airline on IFPAX, and saw the Ad campaign thing, I don’t know what it does when you buy one of the subscriptions. Can anyone tell me please. Thinking about buying one if I know what it does.


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The ad campaigns basically help to improve the overall airline rating over a period of 30 days. For example - if your airline rating is at 25%, investing in one of these PR campaigns will see it rise further to say 100% (depending on campaign bought and number).

There are 4 types of campaign avaliable:

• Print - 10% increase in rating
• Billboards - 15% increase in rating
• Online - 20% increase in rating
• TV - 25% increase in rating

All they will do is increase the overall airline rating.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I am not interested in it but I like how it features realism to IF PAX


I’ll give it a try. When I mess up a lot of flights