Adaptive Safety Briefing


Ok, it may seem confusing, but what I would like is an adaptive IFPAX safety briefing, which brings the feature for IFPAX to know what aircraft you are in. In the current safety briefing, it says the aircraft has 6 exits. What if you are in a 777? That would make it unrealistic. For example, it could say “In this Boeing 777 there are 10 safety exits, 5 on each side.” Do you understand what I mean now? It could also bring lots of other adaptive features, you choose some!

Add back Norwegian 787 sound
Sound packs broken or ruined.

I support this idea but unfortunately I ran out of vote. :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::frowning::frowning::slightly_frowning_face:


Love this idea!

Not sure if it’s possible to integrate into the app as the safety briefing audio is embedded from videos, I’m pretty sure.

I’ve gave it a vote anyway. Fingers crossed it gets added in the future.


I would love to see this as this is something that bugs me whenever I fly and it says “In this Boeing 737-800” aircraft and it’s like… “I’m in a B737-700” :roll_eyes:

So you got my vote


This may be good! I’m my opinion you could select the safety briefing, and then it would ask what aircraft you are in for that livery then it would only allow the ones in which are in IF!


Yes! That’s a great idea!

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Thank you very much, agreed!


Going to bump this. The adaptive briefing is currently on the Norwegian sound pack. You can switch between the 737 and 787. Would be good to have for some more airlines and aircraft.

No adaptive sound - Norwegian

I fully agree. You have my last vote :slightly_frowning_face:

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You have my support as it would be a good idea to add on more airlines and aircraft.

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Got my vote, this would really be a game changer and distinguish the app from any other.

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Thank you so much! Awesome!


You have earned my vote. Excellent request and would be good to see for more airlines.


I fully support this idea. Although wouldn’t it be hard to get sound packs for all aircraft and airlines per type?


Good request mate! you have my vote and it would chnage the Infinite Passengers experience a lot.

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Thanks bud! Means a lot!

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You have my vote - excellent idea.


You’ve got my vote. Would be great for adaptive sounds per aircraft to be added to the app. More realism.


What happened to the adaptive music on Norwegian?. We need this added back but also on other airlines.


Bumpin’ this one up. Got my vote!