Add A350-900 to Infinite Passengers

Hey everyone - So the new update just arrived to iOS and Android with the A350-900. I’m suggesting that this is now added to Infinite Passengers so users can add it to their fleet.

Agreed! We need this urgent


This is definitely something we’re adding, I’ll speak to the development team and get it going!


Thanks all, I hope this comes before the end of the week.


The A350 has now been added and you’ll be able to purchase it now. New image for it will show in the next update which should come out within 24 hours.

That was another fast implementation @luqmanh! Thanks so much for adding it :slight_smile:


That was very fast, I really cannot wait to buy this later!

That’s great news. That was really fast, I’d assume you can push new aircraft from your server? luqmanh

Yes, that is correct. An update is only required to push the actual aircraft images and Luqman can add new aircraft remotely.

Closing this as it’s now been added in the app.