Add More Community Leaders

I have an idea of promoting a few more members to Leader and add them to a mentors/leadership group.

In my few days of being here it is evident that people like @Ondrejj are making valuable contributions. I’m surprised @Ondrejj isn’t a moderator yet. My idea is promote some regulars to leader which gives them basic powers I think like a mod has. This means they would also be new mentors for users joining and unsure of how to navigate the forums or IF Passengers, they could help.


We have a good amount of moderators. Right now, we don’t need more. 7 moderators for a few hundred users just a little too high. However, in the future, when a moderator step down or more active users on the forum and we may add a moderator to the team. Keep look out on #announcements in the future.


You can never have too many moderators ^


So when are the new moderator being added?

No one has confirmed anything about a new moderator being added. We will look to expand our team when we feel the time is right… this could be sooner or later. :man_shrugging:t2:


@Ondrejj is moderator material for sure.


Going to agree with @Gabe_Z. The active user to moderator ratio would be to high if they added more. Also I only joined a few weeks ago.

@Southwest very motivating but I’m not. This forum can have category specific moderators. Gabe will explain more :slight_smile:
Thanks guys


We’re fine for now in terms of moderators. Keep an eye out in the future though!