Add the auto bump feature

Add the auto bump feature which will bump old topic and help them get more votes, especially could happen for features for app.

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Hey pagasoy,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for your topic today.

I can definitely see your reasoning for the topic and would help give any forgotten threads a boost, more exposure and engagement. My only issue would be that bumping all of these topics would cause unnecessary clutter. We tend to get a number of topics/replies per day. I know there is a setting to bump from specific categories or limit number of bumped topics. It might become quite annoying for users seeing inactive threads being boosted every single day, whereas they could search for a topic.

I will discuss this idea with the rest of the staff and we’ll take it from there! Nevertheless, thanks for your topic and initiative to help improve the forum!


Thank you for opinions.

Can I also suggest an area for Infinite Flight topic as I checked A350 thread in general.

From my understanding, you want a category specific for Infinite Flight topics? This could certainly work because as of now everything related to that is in general. But we don’t want to be a 100% Infinite Flight forum as that’s what their community is for. We could allow those topics to a certain extent with a clear disclaimer this is still the Infinite Passengers forum.

I will discuss further with the rest of the staff and report back.

Thanks for the suggestion!