Adding airline music

You know how right now, there are only boarding music in IFPAX, for example, when I select China Southern airlines for my flight, they would just play this: but in real life, once people start boarding, these are the song that will be played: and So I was thinking we should have the 2 musics added to IFPAX to make it more realistic.

Hi Ken, yeah we can fix that for china southern. i believe the others already play the boarding music.

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please check by tomorrow.

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Thanks for letting me know @luqmanh

The boarding music still not play and only the intro is there. The intro was playing for more than one times

@luqmanh please help me as I want to hear the boarding music and I don’t have a video of it as the videos record in my iPad doesn’t have any sounds

is this only for china southern. all the rest are fine?


Just to confirm. Is this a feature request or a missing item/thing in the app?

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Yes I believe it’s the only one.

It’s a missing sound pack that was suppose to be in there, I think.

The sound files seem ok. Ill do a flight test and check. is this on android?

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This is on iOS actually.

Ok thanks ill test and check although cant see any reason. What airport ICAO do you fly from?

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My last flight was KLAX-KSAN and I took off from Los Angeles on Delta 717 sorry if I am using a different airline because I don’t have a pro subscription and that all China Southern Airlines aircraft in IF require pro subscription

Have the issue solved yet @luqmanh

Please refrain from tagging the developer directly. He is very busy but will get round to it. Thankyou.

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Sorry, it just that it’s been 6 days since I send him the message and that I just couldn’t wait which is why I want the issue to be fix asap.


We appreciate that it’s been a little bit and you’ve not got any response but we all have busy lives - Luqman will get back to you as soon as he can. His job is the priority :slight_smile:

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Thanks because later on, I need to use it for a livestream so I need to get it fix ASAP. Sorry for my late reply.

You’ll just have to be patient I’m afraid. It’ll be fixed when it can.

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Well, that’s unfortunate but I will be try to be patient. :wink: