Additional arrival features


Like for example you get down to a slow enough speed and you will here
Welcome to Melbourne the local time here is 7.15 am the temperature In Melbourne is 20 degrees for passengers transfering to another international flight please follow the arrows marked transfers for passengers leaving us in Melbourne your baggage will be on carecelle 3 for domestic please pick up your bags and go to the domestic check in. Then the normal message of that airline and to finish it off you will here good morning and then boarding music.
You would just fill in the time ,temperature airport and the carecelle number for the bags and depending on the time If you put in good morning , good afternoon or good evening.


Interesting feature.


This feature might be tough to implement. Still, great idea.

IFPAX only use Sound Pack taken from the Airlines, and how we can get the sound pack from this?


Honestly it could be implemented if people started recording that stuff on there phone and sending it over


That’s your opinion. I can’t start an arguement here.


Who was arguing? I don’t see one here. I was stating how it could work


Wouldn’t it take a while to get this for EVERY airport in the world per airline? This would take years unless someone has a bank of audio.


Great idea but hard to implement.


They could select a few airports like Heathrow, Doha etc. or say welcome to Australia


Isn’t there something like this on the BA sound pack? It says “Welcome to Heathrow” when I’m landing elsewhere. LOL!


Very true and would be a lot easier. Would it manually detect landing area?


I don’t know, if they want to they can choose


They will need lots of audio! Would be a great addition though.


This would probably be a long term addition for most airports and countries. Would be great though.


A gradual phase out?


No they don’t. You haven’t read what I said have you


Guys, let’s keep this on topic, and make sure that your messages have a positive ‘tone’ before posting.


I did read what you said. They would still need lots of audio for each airline.


Variables are in [ ]

Welcome to [Airport]. Thankyou for flying with [Airline]. Local Time is [0000GMT]. Outside Temperature is [30] [Farenheit/Celsius]

Quite complicated.


Yes, it is very complicated and tough coding.