Additional Emergency Type Events

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There’s a few things that I think could take Infinite Flight Passengers to the next level. One of them being; More Emergency Type Events.

Some Emergency Events That Could Be Fun To Handle:
  • Medical Emergency - This is something that I think could just be a pop up event where either you continue the flight or divert depending on the severity of it. Now how these would work is another question… :man_shrugging:t3: - @Thomas_G

  • Gear Not Going Up - This would be a random event that would occur within the app as soon as you spawn in. Once the pilot takes off and tries to put the gear up, when he can’t he would have to burn fuel and head back to the airport to land. If the pilot continued the flight with the gear down, he would burn fuel really quick. - @Thomas_G

  • Engine Overheat - This is a a common occurrence with airliners irl. Especially in hot and dry temperatures or during long hauls during the day. This occurs when there’s a high ambient temperature and an airliner does an extended climb or when the flight Is in the air for a longer period of time and there’s a small oil leak. The engine starts showing some problems and a pilot is forced to handle these issues. In Infinite Flights case, the app could just lower the pilots N1 to slow him down for a set period of time. - @Pattymao

If you have any other Emergency Type requests… Leave them below and I will add them to the General request

             Engine Overheat

common problem in long hauls

Especially when the flight Is in the air for a longer period of time the engine nights start showing some problems. In this case N1 is slowed down (again I ain’t sure about what I just typed , it’s just that I have seen in YouTube.)


A nice list of emergencies/events to add.


More emergecy types would be good to see. i have voted for this feature.


Earned my vote! It would be good to have a few more emergency selections.


I have voted for this feature too! All of my suggestions are on the list meaning I have nothing to add. If I think of any others I will reply.


Got my vote!

This is something I’d really like to see.


Stuck landing gear in Down position is something we could do.
Not sure about the others as we’re limited by Infinite Flight.


Hey @anon43188705 , here is my penny of contributions to your call:

Although not really visible but with potentially devastating effects is the rapid cabin decompression followed by hypoxia for the crew and passengers. The most common causes can be a faulty pressurizing system or a leak in the fuselage or windows. The basic countermeasures are as follows

  • disconnect Autopilot
  • set power to idle
  • set spoilers to flight
  • initiate a rapid descent maintaining KIAS under VNE (red marks)
  • you want to level within 4 minutes between 10’000 and 15’000 ft MSL
  • declare emergency and land to the nearest useful airport

Here is the table for the Time of Useful Consciousness vs. altitude.
I.e. at FL350 a human brain starts to fade out after only 30-60 seconds!
Happy landings!



Thank you, will take your suggestion into consideration. Nice one :+1:


To go along with something like a medical emergency, it would be cool to have a category for emergencies that wouldn’t harm your stats. Emergencies like these could be turned on while all the rest are turned off so that you could fly on the training and expert servers with a group of emergencies possible.



Perhaps for the medical emergency different types could be included. Depending on the severity you’d be given say 30-40 mins to land at a suitable airport. If you don’t land in that time then it could remove your income for that flight and mark it as failure.


That’s a great idea.


Medical emergencies would be a great addition to the emergency functionality. You’ve earned my vote.


What about when the gear is retracted, it can’t be lowered anyone

Wow great idea . I will definitely vote for it but the emergency of SNAKE ON BOARD, LOSS OF CABIN PRESSURE are also great .

Also in general aircraft i.e the cargo doors of flights that can be opened like the MC DOUGLAS, CRJ .the emergency situation of UNEXPECTED OPENING OF CARGO DOORS when in air must be added as this will be very much interesting to handle.

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