Additional sounds for flights with cabin interior and working doors


I wish that the filghts that have full cabin interior views along with working doors in Infinite Flight i.e CRJ models must be given special preferences by bringing more sound packs for the CRJ models. The particulars of the feature are given below:

  1. First I think that voices of passengers can be added and those voices must be played only when the view is inside the cabin.

  2. Also more sounds must be added like ANNOUNCEMENT OF DOOR CLOSING AND OPENING. ( These sounds must be played only when the view is of cabin)

  3. The above feature may take Infinite Flight and Infinite Passengers to great height.

  4. The most important feature is that OPTION OF CHOOSING BOARDING MUSIC FOR FLIGHTS must be given to user.

  5. Also feature of playing more than one boarding music in a single flight must be added . First at the ground, other at the sky ,other after landing.

     I hope that the above mentioned features will be acceptable to the Development team of Infinite Passengers.

With Regards

I know there are limitations of what 3rd party apps can do due to the connection and control of the app but best of luck.

Edit: I think the limitations are just on controlling the aircraft so your idea should be good. Best of luck.

I think the idea of custom sounds is same as Ability To Use Your Own Songs For Boarding Music

but i will look into adding additional sounds (doors) if possible.