Air Canada's New A220-300 | NEW ROUTES

What is going on?

Some of you already known that Air Canada will receive 45 brand new A220-300s very soon! But what most of you didn’t know, is that they have just recently announced 2 new routes using those airplanes! The list below are the routes that Air Canada announced they will be adding starting on May 4, 2020. The routes will be year-round daily flights. :grinning:

Toronto Pearson to San Jose

CYYZ-KSJC :grinning:

Silicon Valley’s Airport will receive its first-ever service to Toronto Pearson International Airport! Starting fares are as low as $233!

AC765 CYYZ-KSJC departs at 8:55 AM and lands at 11:28 AM
AC766 KSJC-CYYZ departs at 12:15 PM and lands at 8:10 PM (20:10)

Montreal to Seattle


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport will gain a new destination starting on May 4, 2020!

AC565 CYUL-KSEA departs at 5:55 PM (17:55) and lands at 8:45 PM (20:45)
The plane will then stay the night in Seattle.
AC566 KSEA-CYUL departs at 8:35 AM and lands at 4:34 PM (16:34)

About the new A220-300

The configuration of this new Air Canada plane will consist of a total of 137 seats. There will be 12 seats in business class in a 2-2 configuration. There will be 125 seats in economy class in a 2-3 configuration. The planes will have the widest economy seats out of those in Air Canada’s fleet and the overhead bins are the largest for an airplane this size. Mounted on every seat will be a Panasonic eX1 in-flight entertainment system. The plane will also have high-speed satellite WiFi, USB A, USB C, and AC power on every seat. Compared to previous airplanes, this airplane will use 20% less fuel compared to previous generations.

What do I think of this?

I am very excited for these new routes to come! I can’t wait until May 4, 2020 rolls around! Not only will my favorite airport get a new international route, my second favorite airport will also get a new international route! I always knew that San Jose needs a route to Toronto and I always knew that it will soon come. I just didn’t know of when the route will come. Hearing the news originally presented to me by @GlobalFlyer1 made me jump for joy when I talked about it with him on the Plane and Pilot Slack. I pretended like I wanted to book the flight and went on the Air Canada app and sure enough, the routes were there and ready for booking!


What do you think of this?


Nice. I have never seen this brand new regional jet with new in-flight entertainment systems.

Apart from the amazing news of their new jet. Your presentation and layout of this thread is stunning, it certainly captured my attention instantly! Great work @BigBert10!

Thank you @aegirN! :smiley:

I seriously can’t wait for this route to come because Toronto will be San Jose’s 10th international destination! :smiley:

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