Air Koryo Opinions

As you probably can see, I’m really trying to get some chat here !
Today’s Topic is : What do you think of the North Korean Airline, Air Koryo ?


Personally I think they are bad and have horrible safety

And bad food as well.

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it’s not really like people have a choice when using them though…

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Awful safety record and not associated with the best country but i feel in he future they could become a wonderful airline if hostilities die down. The Korean Peninsula is a beautiful place from what i have seen and as they would be pretty much starting from fresh they’d be able to design from the ground up a modern efficient and 5 star airline i believe.

Somebody will need to remind them to pay the maintenance generously though!


@Callum5124 I thoroughly agree with you.

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Scrap that airline ASAP!

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No, without sanctions it has a great future.

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Yeah, if would definitely improve but probably wouldn’t make top 10

You never know because imagine if you could start a national airline all from scratch knowing what you needed for success then you’d be able to eventually get there i think.

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