Air New Zealand to Replace 777-200 with B787-10

Air New Zealand Has Announced its new Long Haul Fleet at a Press Conference Today.

Air New Zealand has announced at a meeting on Monday they will replace their aging 777-200 Fleet with new B787-10 Aircraft. Air New Zealand CEO, Christopher Luxon, has announced that they will Firm Order 8 brand new 787-10 Dreamliners and have the option of up to 20, the new aircraft will be powered by GE Aviation’s GEnx-1B engines. At a cost of USD$1.4 Billion Dollars (NZD$4.12 Billion), this is one of the biggest Orders Air New Zealand has made for Newer Aircraft.
Airbus and Boeing have been battling it out for who will get Air New Zealand’s Pick. Airbus flew their A350 into Auckland, and Boeing relied on the past orders of the B787-9 Orders that Air New Zealand has made before. In the end, Boeing won out, however, Airbus was not out of the option in the future.

With their new Aircraft, CEO Christopher Luxon announced that they have “Ambitions” to Fly Auckland to New York with their brand new 787-10 Aircraft if that is going to be a Non-Stop or a Stopped Flight it is unclear at this time. However, this is a big step forward in Air New Zealand’s Future. This purchase comes just weeks after Air New Zealand announced a major overhaul of the airline.

The orders are slated for 2022, however, can be accelerated or pushed back based on demand.


Very interesting. I tend to like the 772

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The 787-10 will be replacing the 777-200ER to modernize the Air New Zealand Fleet. This allows the airline to operate newer and safer aircraft in the future. That’s really interesting.

The 787-10 safer than the 777? Are you sure… I would check out the video called “Boeing 787 the broken dream” shows that the 787 might not be as safe as one would hope.

I think the 787 has become safer after the batteries issues almost 9 years ago.

There’s still some ongoing issues, they fixed the battery problems however they have not fixed everything.