Air speed violation under 10k

Same. Stick with MSL. I have screenshots of myself flying at 15000 feet at 210 knots going Into aspen and such and get violations for no flaps, or being too fast etc

So is it MSL or AGL because I just got 2 different violations under 10k even though I wasn’t under 10k MSL

Were you flying with areas with mountains?

I was

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There is an option in settings and u can click that if you are flying in high terrain and it will help with that

But I did have it enabled! The “high elevation area” selection. I was coming out of MGGT and crossed 12,500MSL at 256kts and said I was over speeding

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Interesting. I’ll see what I can find.

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Just an update I did KDEN-KSEA with the high altitude selection enabled and it still gave me a violation at 11000 and 255kts

Surely violation you must didn’t to override 250 knots
For safety Set your speed on 245 knots
Under 10k

But I was above 10,000 is my issue. Last week coming out of MGGT I got a violation at 12,500 and 255kts. The point is I shouldn’t have to be 10,000 AGL. This hasn’t been an issue since the 20.2 beta so that may have something to do with it

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If you are on the beta that might be it. I have been busy with life and such but I will get around to testing these issues eventually

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