Air Tahiti Nui Sound Pack

The sound pack of Air Tahiti Nui would be a great addition to IF PAX. We current have their 787 in Infinite Flight.

If anyone knows the boarding music please link.

Is there an English version of this?


I can’t find the English one.

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This would be a great sound pack to add but I’d need to hear an English version.

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Agreed. I’m pretty sure all the current ones are in English as well so it would be a bit inconvenient to have one in another language.

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Yes but some are a mix of languages.

Since we can’t find the boarding music, so here’s the best one:

Hopefully to see this Sound Pack in the next update.

Yes this would do as the music. Thanks for your support on this feature request.,

Thanks. I hope to see Sound Pack in the next update.

Me too can’t wait for it.

If this was added an English version would be nice. But you’ve got my vote.

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I don’t think Infinite Passengers should use a brand commercial for boarding music. I think it’s better to take time and source the boarding music so it’s more accurate.

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Thanks everyone for your support and votes.

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