airBaltic sounds

It would be very cool to have airBaltic sounds.

Please include a link. This also belongs in #features so people can vote on it.

Take a look at this topic

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Hello there!

I am on my flight, so I cannot check if they have it. You can make a feature request about it, and also, check if there is AirBaltic before making a feature request.

Theres no Air Baltic currently @Gabe_Z

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Thanks, I can’t check it while flying.

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Heres the A220 boarding music:

I’ll look for other aircraft as we don’t have the A220 in IF.

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I appreciate you finding the music but it’s really OP’s job, if he can’t put in enough effort to find music from a simple google search then they probably don’t want the feature that much.


Ok. And i couldn’t find any safety video anywhere unfortunately and i’ve spent a good 15 mins looking.

I did find some pretty cool stuff though:

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