Aircraft selection error

Hi guys!
I was about to start a flight with E-190, opened the Infinite Passengers application and when I wanted to choose the Embraer I realized that it did not go down any more.
Does someone else have that? I already rebooted my device and also the application several times

What device are you using? If you select the C172 (as it’s at the bottom of the list) does it let you scroll then?

iPad fifth generation and remains the same

Ill have a look. Thanks for the report

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From my testing I have found that:

I was able to scroll down in the aircraft selection menu, until the bottom of the list showed roughly half of the Cessna 208’s name. After that i’m not able to scroll down further.

That is my mistake, exactly the same

I as well am having the same exact issue on iPad Pro and iPhone X.

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I hope they solve it fast, there are many airplanes that can not be selected

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Yea a lot of good ones too sadly.

I am notifying the developer.

Im on it. Will have fix out asap. most likely by tomorrow.

Suprised this wasnt spotted sooner.


So I updated and I can now see the planes but I am not able to select them. Am I doing something wrong?

It has been fixed in 5.2.3. please update


Thanks for the correction I had the same problem of not being able to select the last aircraft. Good job … Hopefully soon add more sound packages by existing airlines in IF… For now excellent.