Airline Mode Crashing

Recently we wanted to create a Cargo branch in Cargo Mode. That branch was created and everything looked fine, adding the MD-11 to our fleet.

However, in the first attempt at using Airline Mode following this installation (5-6 hours later), IF Pax started crashing while loading the list of aircraft in the fleet in both airline mode and cargo mode. The free play mode works. But the question is why is it it crashing in Airline mode?

We tried deleting the cargo airline, restarting the app, and reinstalling the app, but the crash keeps happening when we begin loading the screen to select an airline from the fleet.

What seemed to work one time was logging out of cargo mode and logging into airline mode, but the crashes have persisted after the first flight.

Why is this happening? What can be done?

It could be similar issue with this: Something is wrong with my account

But, you are able to log in and fly a flight and it will crash afterward?

One flight was managed by logging out of cargo mode and logging into airline mode. But now airline mode keeps crashing before loading the fleet page.

Should be ok now. Was due to database gettign hammered today through greater than expected use. Let me know if you still have any issues.

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Yes still can’t log into infinite flight passenger

Whats happens? Still crashing?

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