Airline route map


A route map would be a great feature, will allow pilots to see the routes they fly (for the airline they are logged into) and overall add to the experience using airlines mode (and cargo mode)

This is a route map that would show up in the airline you are logged into overview screen/tab.
It will be a visual tool, that shows all the routes the airline owner has created for the pilots. It has no functioning buttons or whatever to create something with. It is just a visual aspect.


Example screen shot:
Green = HUB
Orange = Destination

(This photo is taken from google)

This example will not look the same in IFPAX, it is just for a reference

Tell me what you think.


Would be a cool addition. I have voted.


I could get on board with it. It has my vote

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Would be great to see all flights via route map!! Voted :smiley:


Sounds cool! Hope it will be possible!


You have my vote…


Cool request. Would be nice to see something like this visually.


This is definitely an awesom idea but unfortunately, I am out of votes.


Would be great to see all my “Janet” flights :wink:


Neat idea! I’d love to see a map of all my routes around Switzerland. :switzerland:


Nice idea, just voted! :blush:


Bumper carts (Round 2)


I’m not sure its needed, people can research online with more accuracy.

This would be complex to implement and would require constant updating.


Agreed. It would take so much updating all the time that it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

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I don’t get you? It’s a simple line and marker add each time. The user wouldn’t physically map it.


No the dev would have to manually input every route and update it regularely, youre better off just search google if you want to see airline routes.


Callum and Pidge, the game I got these screen shots from have an automatic system to do it. Other wise the developers would need to update 500 + routes an hour because of how it works. I believe this is fully possible, just requires some coding :+1:

The feature is to show the routes created by the airline you are part of, it would be a visual tool to make the routes easier to picture in mind.

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Interesting, for reference what game?


As it would be advertising, check DMs, I’ll link it there.

Note; I am showing him, to help him understand what I mean and how it would work! If a mod or staff member wants to know more in-depth about this shoot me a DM. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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For any one thinking the same, would the dev, of the example screen shot be able to update the amount of routes showed in the photo for over 10 different ‘worlds’ with houndereds of players each. That’s why there needs to be automation.