Airline Selection Prioritizing

^ Notice how the name is behind the other airlines around it

When choosing a sound pack to use during your flight, some of the names of the airlines are too long to fit in the slot allotted for them, so they go into the other slots. With that, the airline named overlap (see picture above). What I am asking is for airline names be prioritized to the one that you are selecting. (The one you select = The one that pops up above the other ones around it).

I agree that this should be fixed! Voted Baboon :grin:


Shouldn’t this belong in #support as its a scaling issue!! I don’t have this on Android only my iphone!!

This belongs right where it needs to be. It’s not support as they probably won’t be changing the whole layout for IOS. I’m asking for a handy dandy feature :heart_eyes:


This is fixed with new interface.

The interface was indeed changed but not necessarily for priority selection. With the new interface, the names don’t overlap so no need for this feature. Try to avoid bumping 12 month old topics :).