Airlines Musics

Hi. I know there are boarding music in IFPAX but where are the music within an airline, for example, China Southern would have: Moonlight Bay and Morning as their music(not boarding music) although there may be more . How can I see that in IF while IFPAX is connected to it?

I don’t quite understand your question?


The boarding music for china southern is this one: but in real life, once people started boarding a china southern aircraft, the songs that will be play is: moonlight bay-bandari and morning-kenney G, how can I play these 2 musics in IF? I connected IFPAX to IF btw.

@luqmanh do you know how?

You can only play the music which is in the app. If these are the updated ones then you are welcome to make a request in #features.


I request it as a feature: Airline music