Alaska Airlines Boarding Music Needs Changing

Hello! I’m trying this again since I posted in the wrong area and this is more of a feature.

The situation is that whenever I fly Alaska Airlines it uses this music video for the boarding music This is called “Take Me” and is a music video promoting their credit card. It is not boarding music, and to my knowledge never played on Alaska flights. I love flying this airline and love the realism this app gives to IF. However, I think the music needs to be changed.

The other thing is, I’m not aware that Alaska has boarding music, like Hawaiian, AirFrace, etc. Whenever I have flown them I believe it is silent. However, if it is necessary to have boarding music. I would suggest the generic one or even this which is Gabrielle Aplin’s “Waking Up Slow”. I’m confident that’s not the boarding music either but I would, personally, find it better solution than the current one.

I have attempted to mute the music as an alternative. But it will always play after the landing briefing as I taxi back to the gate regardless. I know that other people have mentioned it on this forum, but I’m hoping a fresh plea might spark some interest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate everything about this app. Alaska is one of my favorite airlines so I’m hoping something could be done. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the current song wasn’t so obnoxious :rofl:.

If you have a spare vote, make sure to use it on your own request :wink:


Yeah i see your point ruben that sound is a bit painful! You do have the option to turn off boarding music in the flight settings however, which would be the most realistic route as Alaska doesnt have boarding music.

Haha I’m glad you agree. I have no problem just muting the music or just turning off the volume as you said. But it will always play after I land. There’s an after landing briefing and the song will always play after that. Even if it’s on mute. It seems turning down the volume only muted the music during the “boarding” process. Is there any way that might be fixed?

Ah thats a bug then. it shouldnt play if boarding music is off. will fix in next release.


Should be fixed now.