Alaska Airlines Boarding Music

First off, I wanted to say that I love this app and it goes such a long way in adding more realism to the sim. It’s incredible the detail that they have on some of these packs.

That, being said. For the Alaska Airlines pack. Is there a way to have the current “boarding music” changed? It is not accurate to the airline at all. I know that there are other threads that have pointed this out, but they never seemed to gain traction. I’m hoping a fresh thread might bring this issue up again. The music chosen is from a YouTube Music Video and is not played at any time during an Alaska flight.

On another note, I would rather have the generic music playing, but I do like that they added the proper briefings.

Please help the accuracy of one of my favorite airlines!

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I think the best thing is to create a feature request, make sure to add a link to the music.
Title can be something like: Updated Alaska Boarding music
Body: a little bit about the current one and what should be changed and a link to the new music you want added.

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Thank you very much for your response. I’m a bit new here and I could have sworn I put in the request area, but I see it’s in general. So thanks for your patience.

I will do what you recommended in the proper area, right now! Thank you.