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Hello everyone!
I was wondering whether there is a summary of every announcement and at what time I can hear it. I was looking around a bit but I couldn’t find any topic like this.
I would like to know when the announcement should take place and what I need to know in order to enable it (e.g. Safety briefing - When starting pushback).
If a similar topic already exists, feel free to direct me there. I’m quite new to the forum.
Thanks for your help!

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Hello Nils,

You could have a look here. Hopefully this answers some questions.


Do you mean what triggers each thing i.e safety brief etc?

Yeah exactly. And I was wondering what types of announcements exist (like safety briefing, “prepare for takeoff” etc).

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I believe it varies and i’m not too sure but i’m sure somebody wil be able to let you know what announcements are made and when.

Any specific airline/aircraft you are interested in?

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Thank you for your reply! I’m especially interested in the American Airlines announcements for the CRJ-Family and the A320 family.

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Thanks! Hopefully somebody more knowledgeable should be able to help with this soon.

Note to Regulars: Wiki idea for when the announcements play to help people out?

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Boarding music - Straight away
Safety video - Around 20 seconds after pushback
First passenger announcement - Around 7,000ft
Touchdown announcement - While leaving runway
Landing music - After touchdown announcement


Thank you very much! Really appreciate your help. :slight_smile: