Allegiant Air Sound Pack

Allegiant Air is the major airline of the United States. The sound pack of this airline is missing from the app, and nobody has requested about this feature.

Safety Demo:

I can’t find the boarding music, so I don’t know if someone or the developer can create it.

I don’t if I would call it a major airline. It’s more like an LLC or low cost carrier.

I know. Allegiant Air is the low cost airline. It’s also the U.S. mainline airline.

According to the internet these are major US carriers:

  • Alaska Airlines .
  • Allegiant Air .
  • American Airlines .
  • Delta Air Lines .
  • Frontier Airlines .
  • Hawaiian Airlines .
  • JetBlue.
  • Southwest Airlines .

Spirit Airlines and United Airlines are also the major airlines of the U.S. too.

Isn’t their boarding music just anything and I would love to see this added?

As Allegiant Air is the major airline of the United States, then this sound pack needed to be added as it is still missing from the app.
Since I can’t find the boarding music for this airline, then the following music video should be nice to add as the boarding music.

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Thanks for voting this topic, but I don’t know whether this sound pack will be added or not in the next update.

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Or the suggested boarding music could be like this:

I haven’t seen any one replied to me about this Sound Pack. Will Allegiant Air Sound Pack be added in the next update?

People may only comment if they want the sound pack to be added/have additional comments. Just because there are no comments does not mean no support. People may leave just a vote on the topic :).

At the moment, we can’t really tell. I can tell you that there is no need for an app update each time for new/updated sound packs ;). The sound packs are simply stored in the cloud and will appear to your device once added. We’ll see what Luqman says. But as I’d like to see this myself, it would be good to have it added ASAP.

I’m really sorry for replying too many times as I think that if I haven’t received many replies or votes from any one means my topic is no longer supported.

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It’s no problem for replying often. It will simply give your topic a little bump so more can see and support it. No need to be sorry :).

This one has my vote. This is one of the major carriers in the US and it’s been missing from the app for a while.

I fly on allegiant at least twice per year. it would be great if this is added.

I believe they use any boarding music which is the same with some other US airlines. I don’t think there would be a problem with adding any of these pieces of music.

Looks like the developer will try and add Allegiant:

Thanks for notifying me for about this Sound Pack. It’s being added. Good job.

Will Allegiant Air Sound Pack be added in future updates? I can’t wait to see it as I haven’t received any replies from anyone. As there are only two planes with Allegiant Air livery, the 757-200 and the A320, then the Allegiant Air Sound Pack should be used to make it more realistic.

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Can the developer add the Allegiant Air Sound Pack now? As some of the people have also requested about this Sound Pack and we currently have nearly all the Major US airlines sound pack, except the Allegiant Air Sound pack.