Alpha of Infinite Passengers?

I have another question.

Is there an Alpha version of Infinite Passengers and do they have a separate group of alpha testers, or just beta?

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Hello there @arcticpolar9,
I believe there is only #beta testing unless I am badly misinformed. Yes we are a group of about 20 doing beta testing. We can’t disclose info and staff don’t take requests. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t a company do the process right and go alpha -> beta -> public release?



We only have a beta team at the moment. The developer will do a little testing (alpha) before it’s pushed to the beta team… to ensure it’s working enough to pass to testing. We don’t need an entire alpha team as most of the app is developed, meaning there is only new additions/changes and there isn’t much need to alpha test. As always, we seek out the issues within beta and release when we think it’s stable. Obviously we do have some issues that have slipped through, however we usually are able to address them quickly.


Not necessary in all cases.

Why not?

I don’t know an app without an alpha program.

IF Pax dev is the alpha tester then there is a decent amount of beta tester, the current system works fine as when there are updates released to the public there are rarely any bugs.:blush:


Guys, you got your answer. They only have a beta, no Alpha. The closest to Alpha is the tests Luqmanh does before it comes to us Beta Testers.

Cool. Not every app is the same.

Problem with it? Deal with it. It’s not your app, and you have no power to make changes to the way updates are pushed. If you want an alpha so bad, i’d like to recommend that you make your own IFPAX.