Altas Air 767 Crashed on Approach


Another crash, another day, and sad. :sweat: Three people were on board and their conditions are unknown, possibly lost. You can look up the story below:


So sad. It’s confirmed that the three crew have perished


Rest in peace to the crew, another sad event


Our thoughts go out to the families of whoever has been lost. So sad to see another crash.


N1217A, the plane involved in the crash, was 26 years old.

She did not start rapidly descending until around FL340. Before then, everything looked perfectly fine. This really sparks my curiosity as to what happened in the crash.

Anyways, may the souls rest in peace as this was a sad day. :frowning:


Still though, a 26 year old 767 shouldn’t crash like this


I think thats a reason. In addition the aircraft has flown for many different airlines (I think something like 10)


That certainly opens up more windows for it to be incorrectly maintained, it’s still really sad to see a crash like this. I guess we’ll have to wait for the investigation.


Heres the history of the aircraft:



It’s a very weird crash