An In-Depth Guide to the Recruitment Category


Part of what makes the Infinite Passengers Community so unique is that it allows all members to promote their Infinite Passengers airline. However, it is important that all users know how to correctly use this category to their advantage as the community continues to grow.

This topic will tell you everything you need to know about creating and maintaining a recruitment thread within the Infinite Passengers Community.
Looking to join an Infinite Passengers Airline? See the bottom of this post for details!

Important Vocabulary
Vocabulary Definition
Thread/Topic Refers to your post and all of its replies; the entire page.
Post The main and first post in the thread with all information.
Reply A reply to your post, adding to the “thread”
VA Virtual Airline

Please note - this category is exclusively for Virtual Airlines within the Infinite Passengers App.

Thread Creation:


The first step to promoting your airline is to create a thread. This thread will be the central hub for all airline announcements and updates, so it is important to put some thought into it. The two main pillars of an exceptional thread are content and presentation.


Content-wise, you need to make sure that all necessary information is in your thread. This includes the following, per category guidelines:

  • Airline Name
  • A description of the airline
  • Your fleet
  • Why you are recruiting pilots
  • How much activity may be required from pilots

Make sure that you have plenty of important details for pilots. Remember that this thread is to try to convince pilots to fly with you. Include why they should fly with you, where you fly, and how to join. If you use a recruitment form, be sure to link it. If you use the in-app application process, make sure to advertise the exact name of your airline within the app.


Once you have thought about this and prepared your information, you need to make sure it is presented well. You can use banners, logos, and other graphics to introduce your airline and other information. A great resource for graphic design is

It is also important that your plain text is formatted well. For example, you can use varying degrees of heading to introduce new sections, use dividers to separate different material, and add bullet points and tables to organize your information. For more information on formatting, click here.

Here is an example of what a section your recruitment thread may look like:

Addition to the Database

Once you have your thread created, message a moderator to have it added to the Airline Database. If you wish, you can also provide a brief statement on the airline that will be added to the airline’s description.

Thread Maintenance & Updates:


So you have created the perfect thread. Now what?

It’s up to you to maintain this thread through any changes that may occur, as well as inform the community of any news within the airline.

News and Updates

It’s important to keep the community up to date with your latest news. This also gives you more opportunities to share the features of your airline.

When updating the community, make a reply to your main post. The same content and presentation rules apply. Make sure to make your points short and clear, and to remember to present them in a visually appealing way, just like you would on the thread. Keep the thread clear and concise.

Major Changes

Major changes, like the addition of a group of routes, warrant an edit to your post. To do so, click on the pencil icon in the bottom left corner and add all new, relevant information.
Note: You may no longer be able to edit your post. Is this the case for you? See below.

Creating a New Thread

Normally, a new thread is created when you can no longer edit your existing thread, or when your airline receives a major update. Usually, threads can no longer be edited after 90 days. Before creating a new thread, use the flag function in the bottom right corner of the topic, then select “something else.” Let the moderators know that you plan to post a new thread, and they will close the existing one.

When creating your new thread, follow the same steps above. If possible, take this opportunity to try something new, experiment with different graphics, organization, and wording so that you have something original every time.

Joining an Infinite Passengers Airline:

Wishing to join an Infinite Passengers Airline? Browse through the airlines in this database, and when you find one that appeals to you, click on their name. This will bring you to their official thread. From here, instructions should be available on joining. If not, feel free to message the CEO of the airline or reply to the post for help. There are also additional airlines not listed here on the community that can also be joined within the Infinite Passengers app. If you need app assistance, see the #support category.


If you still have any questions about the #recruitment category or creating an airline thread, please don’t hesitate to message me or a member of the moderation team.


Accessible by searching their name through the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the forum.

Is this thread missing anything? Feel free to message me if there is anything left out that you feel should be added.

About the Recruitment Category

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Amazing work mate! Everyone please take a read through this before posting in #recruitment.


That’s very important thread. Great thinking and long explanation!


Thank you both! I think it is very important, especially for new users, to use the category properly and to their advantage.


Awesome guide. I’m sure it willl prove very handy.


Excellent thread. This helps to clear a few things up and will hopefully help people when posting within this category.


Well formatted in-depth guide. Hopefully this will help the majority of new users when creating a recruitment thread.


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This guide will definitely be a big help for those who are new/unsure of how to creating a VA for sure :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Do I need to seek moderation or regular approval to post my airline?

I think you are just able to post it . You could PM a mod or regular to look over it though.

You don’t need moderator approval, post when you feel like your Airline is ready to be publicly announced :wink:

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