Announcement of Destination Time

Hi Infinite Passenger community

I wish that alongwith the boarding music and safety announcement the estimated destination time must also be told as by this an user can get the most realistic feeling. The particular of the features are:

  1. In Infinite Passenger we choose our
    destination time before we press Start
    Flight option.
  2. When we begin our flight in Infinite Flight
    then the safety announcement starts . I
    wish that alonwith it the estimated flight
    time given in IP prior to start flight must
    be told .
  3. For the voice to tell the flight time, I think
    that the system voice must be used.
  4. First the Flight time must be told along
    with safety announcement and later at
    mid flight route , another at the time
    when the descent speech is told.
  5. Atlast when the flight engine will be
    stopped at that moment the total Time
    taken to reach the destination must be

I hope that this feature is great and you will also appreciate it

With Regards

Hmm, I like that idea. I don’t think they don’t have it in IFPAX, so I will vote for it. Also, vote for your own feature.

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I like it but automated voice (Siri/Google assistant) will probably spoil the other sound packs.


Nice request for the app,Couldn’t you do it with sound recordings from real people or too complicated?

real world sound would leave too many options. Using AI would sound quite robotic. The current AI services around just arent at the standard they profess to be at.


Ok yeah I get what you mean.

I would like to request an option in the Infinite passengers app that allows you to type in a flight number and a destination which would be announced at the beginning of the flight after pushback has started. In addition, the IPapp would announce the destination and local time after the aircraft slows down to below 40 knots.


It could be triggered by Distance or Time from destination. “We’ll have you on the ground in about 15 minutes” Maybe enter your TOD distance “we’ve begun our initial decent and flight attendants will be coming around the cabin to collect any items you wish to discard”

Hi Marc_Hicks welcome to our growing community.

We are unable to get your point. Can you please elaborate what you actually want to mean so that we can assist you or support your idea. The thing you wrote seems interesting.

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Lets say you are 15 minutes from you destination airport. That distance triggers a sound pack “this is you captain. I’ll have you on the ground in just about 15 minutes. If you we could enter our distance remaining at top of decent where we enter that flight time for the initial decent message. Example would be enter 106 for you TOD distance. When you hit that distance “we’re beginning our initial decent”


That is a great idea that would be good to see added to the app.

But what if there are delays at the airport?

Would you still play the “15 minutes” announcing or what. Maybe play a delayed one.

This means we would have to go back to the app at TOD to set distance? What about if this is on expert and could lead to connection troubles and ghosts!

More than 10 times in real life have I gotten the 15 or 30 min we’ll be on the ground message shortly follow by “change of plans folks, Atc is holding us here for a bit” as we circle the Potomac river. Things happen. You’ll lose points for being late anyway. Your passengers won’t actually be mad. You can use flight planning ahead of time for TOD calculations and such.


Yeah that’s understood.