ANNOUNCEMENT: Staff Restructure


ANNOUNCEMENT: Staff Restructure

Following an extensive consultation process around the current levels of user activity within the forum, we have decided to reduce from 7 moderators, down to 3 in an effort to boost activity by redeploying experienced users back into the community.

As a result of this process, we have re-deployed Gil and Graeme, two fantastic moderators, back into the TL3 pool, to support the forum and the lounge. Thank you guys, we hope to see you back on our team soon.

We also say goodbye to ThomasG, who has taken the decision to leave the community. We wish him well.

Your staff team is:


@LouDon @anon85169546 @luqmanh (Developer)



Naturally, this was a difficult decision that we have had to take. We have taken it to ensure that our community can grow. Our message moving forward is simple, We are driving this bus, the bus that is en-route to success.

We the Staff and Moderators are the bus drivers.

The bus, our community, is at a standstill, and it’s our job to get it going. We have to decide where we are going, how we are going to get there, and who’s coming with us. Together, we will get the right people on the bus, in the right seats… meaning, we want users who are onboard with our purpose: Develop and maintain a successful and engaging, active forum where everyone feels safe, welcome and part of the IFPAX family.

We want you, to enjoy yourself and contribute to our development. That takes activity and engagement, this is your forum.

We will continue to promote this forum but seek your support, its founding members, in helping it grow and develop. We are excited about the future weeks and months, as we strive to further enhance this forum and offer more fantastic opportunities for aspirant moderators, Developers and pilots.

Get on the bus…



Gil and Graeme, you did great for a while. We hope you contribute awesome, help, and much more.

And Thomas G., I couldn’t believe this happened. Good bye Thomas. :disappointed_relieved:. We wish you a good time.


I feel sad for Thomas G, he was one of the best mods in IF PAX community and I just want him to stay. I want to say this to him: Thomas, don’t forget us, we’ll be always with you. Hopefully, he can come back to the community one day and that we’ll have another user to replace him while he’s gone. In addition, I want to add this music as a remembrance to remember the day he left. :sob::sob::sob:
Also I want to thank @Gil.S and @GraemePorter25 for help supporting the forum. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Your word are so kind, and yes, we hope Thomas will come back someday, you may never know.


I also hope he does, he made a fantastic contribution to the forum. He is forever welcome back. Thanks for all the support guys.