Any Spanish speakers


Hello, I’m looking for a Spanish speaker to help me with talking to a Spanish person, please reply if you can help. Thank you.


@Gil.S is our very own Spanish support specialist. :slight_smile:


He’s been inactive, I’ve added him to the chat already.


Not sure other than that. It says he’s been seen a day ago, so he should be able get back to you at some point soon. Hopefully we have another Spanish speaker who may see this.


Hopefully, thanks for the little bit of help


Looking at #support:spanish it seems Declan, George_Anastasis, Ken and Gabe have an understanding of Spanish to an extent (or are able to use google translate)


Give Gil a little bit. We all have lives.


I am :slight_smile: just want to know


Gil should be able to help soon but it looks like @RBW665 can help as well:


RWB, is the one I’m trying to help, he would find it easier to talking in Spanish about his requirement thread. That’s why I’m looking for someone to help out.


Ah, then I guess that doesn’t quite work, does it. Guess Gil should be able to help sometime soon.


Yep, I’ll have to wait as ive not found any others.


Cough, I use Google Translate, not an excellent Spanish speaker. :joy:

Btw, I am learning German.


I do too, but it’s not the best. I want to help as best I can, which in this case is finding someone to help Translate


Can we stop the off topic discussion please lads. It’s great if you know other languages, but that has no bearing here. Thanks.


I regret the delay in answering guys, my PC was in maintenance, that is my work tool and I dedicate myself to the communities and my community, fortunately I already have it in my hands. I hope to help support in Spanish when possible.

Good day! :slight_smile:


Hey @DGGR I can help with spanish, If still needed.
Sorry I didn’t see this before.


It’s a little late now, I was able to find someone. Thanks for letting me know you’re able to help if I need it in the future!