App crash on android device

I have trouble with Infinite passenger crashing on my android tab please fix.

Hello @jeromy,

Try these steps below.

  • Restart your device.
  • Try clearing the data (Note: You may have to sign in again.)
  • If these step above don’t work. Try uninstall and reinstall.

If these steps dont work. We will try to find best solution for you as possible.


Try these step and similar before coming to community but still have crash appear.

Which app version are you using?


Latest google store version code.

But I use APK version because I’m poor.

I am very angry because it happens every time an update for app is available.

Then that explains why the app isn’t working and crashing. We do not condone piracy of the app here.

Please purchase the app legitimate via Google Play to ensure a working app. All the hard work of the developer gone down the drain with people pirating the app.


I’m sorry hope I get it by end of the year.