App crash! on my iphoneX



Thanks for contacting support.

Does this happen every time you go to select your airline?

So the app crashes when you hit ‘select’?

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App crashes when i hit ‘select’


Replied to you on freshdesk. Remove and reinstall app. I tried with your account and it worked


Okay, i try
please wait…


Hi, luqmanh

I logged in and restore purchesed.
fail, it same crash!image

I hope the developer will fix it quickly.
Thank you,


Have you tried restarting your device?


Are you holding down select? If so just tap it once. Try to reinstall once again and restart device.


I followed the instructions. But is the same


I do it already. But not yet


Give these a try:

  • Restarting the app
  • Restarting your device
  • Clearing Cache/Data
  • Reinstalling Infinite passengers


Looks like a fix has been released for iPhone X layout issues. Can you make sure you update the app to 5.1.4 and see if that works?


i dont think thats related and ive in with his account details without issue. Not sure whats going on but seems to be at least isolated to this on case.


I believe found the issue. I thought the device region settings (thai) may have caused this:

SIGABRT: Not a valid calendar for the given culture. Parameter name: value

Related to date issue. i’ll look into this asap. Its definitely specific to Thai calendar being used on the device instead of standard.


Ohh, I changed my machine language to English. Reinstalling Infinite passengers and update the latest version.

It is already available. YEAH!!

Thank you for all the suggestions. :slight_smile:
image Uploading: CE2A6A71-2F91-4522-BCC6-4DBC9C2130C8.png…


Might want to sort that out mate. Make sure to leave enough time for the photos to upload before you hit post.


Latest update coming out tomorrow should have proper fix so you will be able to switch back to Thai


roger, updated. 12hour ago
Thank you :slight_smile:image


Good to see its working. Please leave us a positive review in the app store.


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