App crashes after 17 hours of flight

Attempted EGLL - YPPH and app crash after returning to IFPAX. Is app designed to run throughout long haul?

Do you have other apps open?


Please try the following:

Keep minimal apps open - try to only have Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight running

Make sure you have at least a few GB of free storage left on your device. Sometimes if memory/storage is low it will trigger app closure:

Disable any OS power saving modes

If the above steps don’t then:

Switch to Infinite Passengers after about 4-6 hours and then change back to Infinite Flight, although we understand this may not be possible for everyone during a long haul flight

We will most likley have to wait until Apple releases a fix for these app terminations and we may need to try and debug more.



Restart device before your long haul

Ok thank you for the steps, I will try.

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