App crashing on long hauls

IF PAX keeps crashing on long haul flights. The app crashes when I attempt over 7 hour flight. Iphone 6splus

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Hello George,

This is a known issue, which I am also facing.

Infinite Passengers Closing Mid Flight

Can you mention your device and app version?

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I am using an iPhone 6s plus and latest app version of IF PAX (5.1.1)

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This makes me think this is an iOS only problem.

Did you get any calls or battery level notifications?

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I didn’t recieve any phone call or battery warning. I recieved a few instagram notifications though I think.

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Instagram would be fine, it is not the type of notification that can freeze an app…

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Yeah true that. I’ve seen some of my VA friends with iOS and able to complete over 7 hour flights. Maybe isolated only to some user?

It’s you and me, no one else has reported this as I know of…

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As luqmanh said:
“iOS could be killing the app”

I strongly think this is the case, looking in my thread you can see that I’ve thought of a solution, do you think that solution could fix this issue?

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According to an apple engineer, this is what should be happening (the app should continue to run):

  • app is force quit
  • device is rebooted
  • app stops location updates
  • app releases the CLLocationManager object
  • app crashes
  • iOS terminates the app due to memory shortage,
  • the locationManager object is released, overreleased, or overwritten. You should make sure that your view controller is not being instantiated, which then resets the locationController class. If that happens when the app is in the background, you will restart updates, which will cause the app to be eventually suspended. You should make sure the locationController is a singleton.
  • app is crashing. Check to see if there are crash logs on the device you are testing
  • iOS is terminating the app due to memory shortage. In this case, you will find JetsamEvent logs on the device that shows your app being terminated. You can check the timestamps and locate the one that is around the time your app stopped working.

But, it is suspected that iOS is killing the app.

It turned out that, currently in iOS 12 there is a new mechanism that will terminate long running background apps periodically as the system needs to free resources. At this time, this process is a bit too aggressive, and I am working with the relevant teams to get this to behave better.

The apple tech adviced the developer to file a bug report with the company and explain what’s happening.

Cc: @luqmanh


Thanks for the in-depth explination!

Will the ‘split’ screen function stop this from happening?


I would suspect so but that seems like a very poor solution, especially in the long run.

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In the end there needs to be a solution, the sooner the better…

I totally agree but while the multitasking window is on the screen you can’t even access flight controls.

So if you would like to use the app like that, I say go for it, but I think the best result is the developer looking into a possible solution.

During long haul one leaves the flight completely, this would stop both apps from closing and provide a solution for long flights and iOS users. One doesn’t need the controls in a long flight, it’s fine if they are blocked temporarily.

In the end it’s up to the users choice, if they want to risk the app closing to have access to the controls, then don’t do it.

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I agree, but infinite passengers currently doesn’t support that feature. I think if they’re going to put time and effort into it, they might as well solve it for real. It’s like creating a makeshift solution to a problem. It would make sense if that was already in the app as a temp. solution, but it isn’t.

I’m thinking that the developer wants his app to work as advertised.

That’s just what I’m thinking :slight_smile:

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It could do more than stop the app from closing…

Like check or setup a flight without the need to swap apps completely risking to have connection issues to live servers. Or another new feature :man_shrugging:
This could be useful with the right features implemented. I see it as a win - win solution. Yes… it will take time, so make it something speacial that helps the app positively in two or more ways.

Well than I guess you have a feature request on your hands! I tend to set it up before opening Infinite Flight, but some people may agree with you.

My point still stands that sure, it would be a great feature, but you shouldn’t have to use it.

Good luck to you both in getting this solved.

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It’s won’t be a must use, just for the people that want this to fix issues or to setup both flight and IFPAX at the same times without leaving the app.

Is it fine if I quote some things said here? It will make this easier to explain :slight_smile:

I’ll just say one more time - all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t have to use the app in an alternative fashion to get it to work well in all types of flight. Especially since it’s not available on all devices. That’s my standpoint.

Quote away.

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