App not available in my country

I am unable to download the app in Argentina
Is there anyway i can download the app for it be available ?

Is your play/app store country in Argentina?
Or just your location settings?

Everything is linked t o Argentina

What device are you on? (This will help me to help you :wink:) (If it’s Andriod, I can’t help much… sorry)

i am running Samsung s6

I don’t know much anything about android devices, so I can’t help you too much. However, a staff member or regular (maybe even the dev) should read this topic as soon as they are available. They will do the best they can to help!


Thanks for reaching out for support we are happy to help you.

It may be that the app needs to be made available in Argentina, however if you want to get the app you can try this workaround:

  1. Download any of the VPN apps from Google Play
  2. Enable the VPN and select a country that is not Argentina
  3. Go to - Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > and tap Storage. Go back to the Google Play app page and hit “force stop”
  4. Go to Google and search for “Infinite Passengers Google Play”
  5. Open the link to the play store version of the app
  6. Accept the prompts from Google Play
  7. You should now have the app

This is only a temporary solution. We may need to wait for more official confirmation from the developer as to why it’s not avaliable.



Yep the best solution as mentioned above is to use a VPN you can choose from anyone of them available on Play Store…it seems the app is not supported or blocked by the country for some unknown reason.

Ok thank you for the help