App won’t last on long hauls

**Hello, I was wondering if anyone can find me a best solution to my problem that I have. I cannot complete a long haul flight in Infinite Passengers without Infinite Flight and Infinite Passenger both crashing after the flight. This seem to happen only on long hauls and shorts are fine currently. I try flying from Lisbon to New York and both apps crash about 5-15 minutes from destination. I am using an iPhone 7 Plus with the latest iOS versions installs and no beta iOS.

Hello @TAP_Portugal,

Please try the following:

Keep minimal apps open - try to only have Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight running

Make sure you have at least a few GB of free storage left on your device. Sometimes if memory/storage is low it will trigger app closure:

Disable any OS power saving modes

If the above steps don’t then:

Switch to Infinite Passengers after about 4-6 hours and then change back to Infinite Flight, although we understand this may not be possible for everyone during a long haul flight

We will most likley have to wait until Apple releases a fix for these app terminations and we may need to try and debug more.



I have other apps open during the Flight like Instagram, safari, WhatsApp etc, so they must be closed?

Try a flight with those apps closed.

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I will check because I guess they are eating up the RAM inside.

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What IOS are you on? I think I heard that some device have a memory leak on long hauls which could be causing the crashing problem

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I’ve had the same problems before. I’m using iPhone 7 Plus with latest IOS version. This may occur during our long haul flights when there is any interruptions from any apps that appears on the screen such as incoming calls, messages, emails or others. So my temporary solution is to turn off all this notifications before playing but sometimes there are still other apps that can interfere. So the best solution is to get another phone for your daily use. I can now play up to 9 to 10 hours flight without crashing.

I’m not that rich you know.

I’m just throwing my ideas by giving you 2 options. In that case you should turn off all the notifications from the apps. It might help you sir.

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I tried another long haul and I think I’ve figured out that the problem is Infinite Flight which crashes and it’s leading to disconnect with Infinite Passengers on final approach. I have heard that Infinite Flight are working on a hotfix for the crash so shall report back when they fix it. I am very annoyed that they have released a crashing app to the public as it was working fine before 19.4 release.

iOS 13 has a memory leak which causes IF to crash while doing LH

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Oh really does it because it was fine for me before 19.4?

That’s what I’ve heard

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Maybe you are right and it’s just came around more with the new Infinite Flight update.

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