Ask a Pilot a Question

Hello community:

As many of you know, I fly (alot) and thought it would be a good idea to start this thread to ask me or @Searcyaviator questions that have to do with flying in general, colleges, etc. So, ask below and I will try and get you an answer as best as i can.


How many hours do you have? (Flight time)


I have just shy of 300 hours of flight time. I think the exact number is 297 something.

Thanks for the question


How long (Years) have you been flying?


I started training when I was 14 so I’ve been flying for about 6 years… almost 7


That’s great, how old were you when you did your first unsupervised flight?

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@aegirN to answer your questions for me. im have 330 hours and have been flying the same amount of time


i was a little over 16 years old when i first soloed


Right after my 16th birthday I did my first solo (unsupervised) flight


What is the most dangerous occurrence you’ve encountered?

What advice would you pass on to someone who wants to be a private pilot?

How long did it take you to get your PPL?

@IrelandAviation that’s a tough one. Personally I haven’t experience really anything bad happening. I have landed on a 3700X75 foot runway with gusting 25 knot crosswind so that was fun. Another time we just recent when I was taking a friend down to Little Rock and the engine backfired.

@Jeff_A my advice is to just go for it. It’s so worth it. It is a lot of money (7-10K) but the things you can do with an airplane is amazing. I’ve picked up friends from college to going out of state and back just to eat for the day.

@BombardierQ400 It took me almost four years. I started when I was 14 and in high school. At the time my parents only wanted me to fly twice a month which caused me to repeat a lot of things… but the older I got the more I flew and the more I progressed. On top of that, I had some setbacks that I couldn’t control like the person I rent from selling two of the three planes I did fly and my instructor getting in a bad wreck. It doesn’t usually take that long if you fly once a week though


What sparked your interest in getting your PPL?

Thank you for answering.

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Traveling everywhere. I love to travel and I have always loved airplanes, airports and what goes into making an airplane and aircrew on time. And it pays well


What the busiest airport you’ve flow into?

As a private pilot, what is your worst fear?

for me personally since its both our thread, i think its an engine failure in flight

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What stage in flight?