Automatically Detect Flight Time

Currently we have to manually input our estimated flight time for each flight.

This can become a bit of a problem, especially on long haul flights. This is due to different factors such as airport delays, winds changing during the flight, any go arounds etc.

I think it would be better if the app automatically detected your flight time to save these issues and you aren’t marked down for landing late due to a change in wind for example.

I’m sadly out of votes, but make sure to vote for your own idea :bulb:


Nice request, but I see a potential conflict. Wouldn’t we loose points for arrival time as it would be done automatically?


It would be good for an option where it is automatically detected. I would also still like the option to switch and enter our own estimated flight time.

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That is not needed. You do not need a time that is correct, and it’s fine if it was off even like 60 min

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You do need a fairly accurate time or it will loose points!!


This ruins the fun of the estimated time. I’d say if this were to be added then we should be able to make a switch between manual and auto.

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So what if you do !!!

What do the points “do”

If you use the app you would know. They can have an effect on airline rating and income.

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Lol I use the app !!!

I hope we can be respectful without questioning users. It may of been an oversight or they didn’t know exactly what the term was.

Let’s get back to the feature request at hand. Personally, I think estimating time on your own adds to the difficulty of running an “airline” as real-life airlines need to set up a block time and they are held accountable if the flight time is not close to this scheduled time.


This ruins the fun of estimating!

There could still be an option to allow estimation if you don’t want auto.

That’s an idea but what’s the point? Estimation is better.