Automatically exiting infinite flight

When I shut down my engines the IFPAX application automatically exists infinite flight and get to my flight report tab on the IFPAX app. This is really annoying. So I would like to ask if there is a way to make IFPAX stop doing this.


I don’t believe there is a way to stop this from happening as the application is coded so that when you shut down your engines it reads it as you ending your flight. This in turn then brings up your flight report tab, since the application has read it as you finishing your flight and ending your flight at a gate.

What device are you using?

Samsung galaxy tab a 2019


I don’t believe that it matters what device that you where using as the application is coded the same in regards to this. Once you park at the gate and/or shut down your engines, the app reads that as you ending your flight, so therefore it brings up the flight report in app.

Doesn’t happen on iPhones.

We have notified Luqman as he is the developer for Infinite Passengers. I will let you know once we hear something.

Thanks for your patience!


Thank you for your help!

should be able to prevent it from showing IFPAX automatically. I’ll look into it.


Changed… 5.2.15 released (Android). Should be available in couple of hours.


Not going to lie, that was an incredibly fast change. Nothing but awesomeness from you as always Luqman.
Thank you for developing this app!
@TransavialoverNL you’ll be happy now.

Thank you so much. I am really thankful and even amazed with this awesome fast service. THANK YOU!

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