Back after a year and cant access sound packs

Hi Folks - I’ve just returned to Infinite Passengers and Infinite Flight after a year away. Keen to jump back in and cant seem to access the sound packs. I’ve restored my subscription via the App Store and tried removing/reinstalling the app with no luck.

Having a quick read through the forums, it sounds like something needs to be updated behind the scenes.

Is someone able to point me in the right direction.

@moderators or staff should be able to help you out.

Hey @eparangodan,

Infinite Passengers recently switched to a subscription model to ensure that the app can continue to be developed to improve the user experience, to streamline billing, and to give all-in-one access to the premium features of the app. This even allows for more frequent updates, making the app better for all!

Don’t worry - your previous purchase will be honored with an appropriate subscription. We will set you up a DM with the developer to activate your new subscription at no extra cost. Make sure you provide the correct username in the message. Receipts are helpful but not essential. Once we have added it, remove the app, reinstall it from the app store and then login to airline mode. It will provide access to all of your originally purchased sound packs.

Thank you so much for being an Infinite Passengers customer, and for your patience and understanding.

Why was it changed to a subscription model?

Changing to a subscription model has allowed us to expand development and add more features, all contributing to the realism of Infinite Passengers. It also means we can also have a dedicated support person. A monthly subscription provides access to ALL sounds and features such as Emergencies, Airline Mode and Cargo Mode.