Basic Stuff for Airline Mode

Hello once again, here’s the new tutorial by me again. This is the second part of the Basic Stuff for IFPAX. The tutorial is all based on a video.


Welcome back! Today, we are going to talk about basic stuffs for Airline Mode in Infinite Passenger.
This is the second part of the Basic Stuff for Infinite Passenger. If you want to watch the First Part, go to description and click Part 1 which is for free play.
Anyway, we will start our tutorial for Airline Mode and let’s get started on it. Let’s click Airline Mode. Basically,
if you don’t have a subscription and it will ask you to pay for it. If you do have a subscription, then you will see login page.
My does automatically log in. There is a register button if you do not have an account, and another is sign in.
When you are done with log in, you will see many different options in the main menu for Airline Mode.
In the middle are 4 different slots, the first on the left is your own airline. Also, if you are log in for the first time, then it will say create airline.
There is a tutorial for that, go to the description for the link. Another 3 slots are request to join an airline like you are a pilot for them.
The 5 buttons in the bottom of your screen are Back, Stats, Recruit, Follow, and Sign Out. Back is you go back to main menu.
Stats is like a leaderboard for all airliners and pilots. Recruit is you hire pilots for them to fly for your airline.
Follow is like you follow them like Instagram, and also update you if they purchase something. Lastly, Sign Out is just sign out of your account.
There is a button in the top right corner, Mails. Mail updates of what you follow airline and pilot like I said follow moments ago.
There are more tutorials about these, go to for more information.

That’s all for today, thank for watching.


This just keep getting better and better. Nice tutorial for those who are new to IFPAX


Nice tutorial keep it up